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Effects of storage temperature on VaxLiant adjuvant formulations

VaxLiant adjuvant formulations (ENABL® 1 and ENABL® 6 for cattle, poultry, and swine) were assessed at refrigerated and ambient temperatures for the immunological response to a test antigen (bovine serum albumin) in mice.

The assembled antigen and adjuvant were stored at refrigerated (2º-7ºC) or ambient (18º-27ºC) temperatures followed by testing the serological response in female CF-1 mice at five time points (0, 6 months, 12 months, 18 months and 24 months). At each time point, mice were inoculated on day 0 and boosted on day 14 with final bleed at day 28-32. The results shown below indicate the titer response to bovine serum albumin by ELISA test at each storage temperature.

Immune Response in Mice

This study concludes that both VaxLiant adjuvants assessed for stability are able to be stored at either ambient or refrigerated temperatures up to 24 months without loss of the ability to elicit an immune response in vivo.