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Almost two years ago, VaxLiant® was formed to modernize how vaccines deliver antigens to prevent disease. Created as a joint venture by Benchmark Biolabs, Lincoln, Nebraska, and AgriLabs®, St. Joseph, Missouri, VaxLiant offers a portfolio of ready-to-use and customizable adjuvants, and technical and marketing expertise to help streamline the vaccine-development process.

“We believe customers find two distinct differences as they consider how VaxLiant can help them improve vaccines,” says Dr. Tim Miller, president and chief science officer of Benchmark Biolabs, and VaxLiant cofounder. “First, the technology behind how our products deliver antigens is remarkable, and truly unlike what is commonplace today. Just as valuable is our team of people who have a track record of helping companies bring vaccines to market in a timely fashion, and who have the know-how to make developing and manufacturing vaccines less challenging.”

In fact, the scientists and marketing specialists who are part of the joint venture collectively represent more than 100 years of experience in developing and marketing vaccines. Together they have gained U.S. Department of Agriculture approval for six ready-to-use ENABL® adjuvants, and collaborated with vaccine manufacturers throughout the world.

“We couldn’t be more excited about how ENABL and our fully customizable BioMize® adjuvants have been embraced by vaccine manufacturers, large and small,” says Steve Schram, president and CEO of AgriLabs, and VaxLiant co-founder. “We’re working with many large-scale animal vaccine companies to look at how these novel adjuvants can create efficiencies in their production processes, which typically involve long lead times. And, companies that manufacture customized vaccines for veterinarians are using the adjuvants to improve vaccine effectiveness and consistency.”

VaxLiant’s unique adjuvant formulations can improve immune response and deliver novel technologies as scientists look for new ways to manage highly contagious trans-boundary diseases. For example, USDA and the U.S. Department of Homeland Security have used ENABL to create a foot-and-mouth disease vaccine without using live FMD virus, which meant it could be researched and manufactured safely within the U.S. mainland.

VaxLiant also can help enhance conventional vaccines for animals. The joint venture’s products make it possible for manufacturers to differentiate vaccines by immune response and value; to bring vaccines to market more quickly; or to help lower the cost of producing vaccines.

VaxLiant is headquartered at Benchmark Biolabs’ facilities in Lincoln.

For more information, please contact Josh Johnson, general manager of Benchmark Biolabs, at 402-475- 8104 or


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